the story of shift

Every womxn deserves to look and feel her best. Long before SHIFT opened, Audrey and her team of stylists at Flourish Styling Co. worked to make personal styling attainable for womxn from all walks of life. Recognizing that everyone could benefit from the expertise of a stylist, the team dreamed of creating a safe space for womxn to overcome their shopping dread and learn how to celebrate their style. With a lot of passion and hard work, that dream became a reality in November of 2019! The gals at SHIFT aren’t just style experts--they're real people who know firsthand that clothing has the power to bring about  confidence and authenticity. 

The team at Shift is passionate about sustainable style and size inclusivity. Offering a curated selection of high quality, preloved clothing at affordable prices, they ensure that clothes remain out of landfills. Because the inventory comes from the closets of personal styling clients,  you will always find a wide variety of sizes and styles. At SHIFT you can expect to shop with expert guidance, and without the pressure to buy anything you don’t love.  Visit SHIFT and you'll feel like you're shopping with your best friends who only let you leave with pieces that celebrate who you are. We can't wait for you to come and shop at SHIFT!

meet audrey

founder + principal stylist

With more than 10 years of experience in the Image Consulting industry and a formal education from the Fashion Institute of Technology, Audrey has established herself as an expert in the world of Personal Styling and Fashion Therapy. While she gained invaluable expertise from companies like Bonobos, Nordstrom, and Spring Frost, Audrey found her true calling in starting an Image Consultancy all her own. Her passion drove her to create Audrey Styles; a styling company that teaches clients how to use clothing to express their authenticity as they transition through all phases of life. She's a rebel with a worthy cause: Helping womxn look and feel their best every damn day.

Since opening SHIFT, she has found a knack for creating successful businesses and looks forward to the expansion of her LLC to include home decor and other special offerings.

In her personal time, she's an avid traveler who finds joy and inspiration from every corner of the planet, collecting one-of-a-kind wearable treasures that showcase her creative style. Audrey shares her heart and home with her hubby, their toddler, and a motley crew of fur babies. She can't wait to work with you!

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